06 Moms Away

Are children a help or a hindrance in language learning? A mom of 3 leverages both pregnancy and motherhood to navigate gender roles and gain cultural insight and build solid relationships in a tribal setting.  Guest: Melissa S. (M.A. Linguistics)

05 Gray Matter Matters

Cooperate with your brain to activate dopamine and eliminate neurotoxins.  Whether you’re learning vocabulary, managing language helper sessions, or telling stories fun, rest and the shame game play significant roles.  Guest: SLA consultant and instructor Pam Echerd (M.A. Linguistics)

04 The Arabic Dynamic

What is it about Arabic that challenges learners? Guest Katja J. (M.A. Applied Linguistics) addresses specific hurdles including the dilemma posed by Modern Standard Arabic. All can benefit from her experience using a comprehension-based approach for both grammar and phonetics.

03 Flying Solo

Play to your advantage as a single language learner presented with unique opportunities and challenges. Hear how a single woman builds relationships and gains fluency in Arabic in the Middle East. Guest: language coach and consultant Jozeca L. (M.A. Applied Linguistics)

01 Off and Running

Land on your feet in a country with early-on strategies, activities and decisions! Practical advice will help you navigate relationships and communication even with limited language. Guest Amy G. trained at the Center for Intercultural Training and is ESL certified.

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