16 Just Two Years

Why invest a lot of time in language study for just a short stint overseas? A nurse for two years in the Middle East attests to how her dedicated efforts to learn Arabic paid off in significant work roles and remarkable relationships. Guest: Juliana J. (B.S. Nursing)

15 Everybody Makes Mistakes

Mess-ups can trip you up in language learning by creating fear and avoidance. Mary Lynn combines her own counsel with excerpts from a conversation with a former professor and executive coach. Guest: Dr. Jim Bruce, retired CIO at MIT

14 Stuck in the Middle

What is it about the middle range of language proficiency that makes it so hard to advance further? Find out why and learn how you can move past that all-too-common plateau and get to higher ground. Guest: Dr. Natalie Mullen, Director of the Institute for Cross-Cultural Training, Wheaton College

13 Home Away From Home

Rather than being home alone, reap the language learning benefits of living with local residents in a country. Hear an insider’s unusual story. Guest: Clinical mental health therapist Sarah P. (M.A.)

11 Rest for the Weary

Take time off from language learning for renewal and better retention. With anecdotes, questions and research Mary Lynn challenges you to incorporate different kinds of rest into your language learning program. Host Mary Lynn Kindberg (M.A. Linguistics)

10 Better Together

Get connected with others learning your target language. With collaborative activities you can share knowledge, gain confidence and make learning fun. Guest: Language and culture acquisition professor and coach Lauren Vitrano-Wilson (M.A. TES0L & Teaching of Spanish)

09 Big Picture Planning

Ask crucial questions to create a long-term plan that helps you define daily tasks, achieve goals, and gain confidence. Guest: SLA trainer and coach Carol L. studied at Fuller Seminary and Wheaton’s Institute for Cross-Cultural Training.

08 Tone Deaf

Don’t let a tone language trip you up. As a leading expert on tone, today’s guest delves into the basic fundamentals of tone languages and explains how a focus on tone patterns can be a game-changer in language learning. Guest: Linguistics consultant and professor Keith Snider, Ph.D.

07 Majority and Minority

How do you learn a minority language when a majority language is common ground? A pre-immersion strategy can guide learning and open doors through relationship-building. Guest: SLA consultant and teacher Pam Echerd (M.A. Linguistics)