36 Great Expectations

In this final podcast episode Mary Lynn signs off and sends you off with words of hope, encouragement, and challenge for your continuing language learning journey–all strangely inspired. Host: Mary Lynn Kindberg, M.A. Linguistics

35 Life After Language School

What potholes might you encounter if you transition to a new location after language school? A growth mindset and safe, supportive relationships can help you smooth out the road ahead. Guest: Amy G., ESL Certified

33 Get Yourself a Coach

If you work with a language coach you can exponentially increase your chances for language learning success. Guest: Andrea W., language acquisition coach, Acquire co-founder and developer

32 Backward and Forward

Instead of just always plowing ahead, take time to look backwards and evaluate your language learning journey so far. Then you can confidently move forward with heightened vision, better goals and clear direction.

31 Have Happy Holidays

Holiday celebrations can mean unsettling surprises. Predict the unpredictable and gain cultural perspective by asking beforehand relevant wh-questions.

30 Best of Bloopers

Since laughter is good medicine indeed, here’s your chance to catch some of the funny super-duper bloopers you may have missed in previous episodes. The takeaways will remind you of lessons to be learned from an honest language learning mistake.

17 Choose From the Menu

How do you choose which language(s) to learn in a multilingual context? If you understand the sociolinguistic dynamics of language choice by native speakers themselves, then you as a language learner can make informed decisions of which language(s) to target for what purpose. Guest: Dr. Steve Quakenbush, sociolinguist, SIL International