30 Best of Bloopers

Since laughter is good medicine indeed, here’s your chance to catch some of the funny super-duper bloopers you may have missed in previous episodes. The takeaways will remind you of lessons to be learned from an honest language learning mistake.

27 Speak Appropriately

Gain sociolinguistic competence by speaking not only accurately but also appropriately in any given context. Examples and tips for observation and investigation will help you avoid painful mistakes. Guest: Dr. David Broersma, Professor of Linguistics and TESOL, Lee University

26 Balance Your Online Diet

Don’t take technology entirely off your plate with an immersion-only mindset. Instead, choose nutritiously from a menu of various online options. Guest: Dr. Thor Sawin, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

25 Fluency: Facts and Fiction

If you understand what fluency really is and is not, you can then work toward actually achieving it in your language learning program. Guest: Dr. Natalie Mullen, Institute for Cross-Cultural Training, Wheaton College

21 Sound Like a Native?

Is achieving a native-like accent a reasonable goal for L2 speakers? Mary Lynn suggests an alternative as a more attainable standard and highlights factors regarding accent you may not have previously considered. Host, Mary Lynn Kindberg (M.A. Linguistics)

20 Not Your Average Flashcard

20 Not Your Average Flashcard

Climb out of your vocabulary abyss with WordClimber, a new digital flashcard tool specifically designed to support language learning at all levels. A language learner himself, the creator behind WordClimber details how its unique features optimize your exposure to new words, facilitate timely review and strengthen motivation. Listeners receive a subscription discount. Guest: Peter Armstrong, web developer and Internet entrepreneur.

10 Better Together

Get connected with others learning your target language. With collaborative activities you can share knowledge, gain confidence and make learning fun. Guest: Language and culture acquisition professor and coach Lauren Vitrano-Wilson (M.A. TES0L & Teaching of Spanish)