36 Great Expectations

In this final podcast episode Mary Lynn signs off and sends you off with words of hope, encouragement, and challenge for your continuing language learning journey–all strangely inspired.┬áHost: Mary Lynn Kindberg, M.A. Linguistics

35 Life After Language School

What potholes might you encounter if you transition to a new location after language school? A growth mindset and safe, supportive relationships can help you smooth out the road ahead. Guest: Amy G., ESL Certified

33 Get Yourself a Coach

If you work with a language coach you can exponentially increase your chances for language learning success. Guest: Andrea W., language acquisition coach, Acquire co-founder and developer

31 Have Happy Holidays

Holiday celebrations can mean unsettling surprises. Predict the unpredictable and gain cultural perspective by asking beforehand relevant wh-questions.

27 Speak Appropriately

Gain sociolinguistic competence by speaking not only accurately but also appropriately in any given context. Examples and tips for observation and investigation will help you avoid painful mistakes. Guest: Dr. David Broersma, Professor of Linguistics and TESOL, Lee University